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Gravity (noun): "the force of attraction between all masses in the universe."

In searching for a guild, there are many things that one must consider. How much effort and time are you willing to put into the game? How many people are you comfortable interacting with? Do you want a community that is serious, silly, or friendly? 

Gravity is a new guild, but that gives you the amazing opportunity to be a part of the creation of a community. What we become is entirely up to you and your friends, should you choose to join us. The ground-rules are in place, but everything can change with time and willpower. 

The creation of Gravity is somewhat of a social experiment, as is the creation of all guilds: over time, we will see how people come together and what goals they accomplish. The question is not whether Gravity will do great things, but how it will do it, and with whom these things will be accomplished.

At present, we are a leveling guild. The goal is for people who did not have a head-start in the game or did not feel that rushing to 60 was necessary to come together and have fun. If you are looking for a casual community full of people who prioritize life and get joy out of gaming, then Gravity may be the place for you. If you are looking to make a name for yourself or to help found a guild and its community, then Gravity is a good place to do that.

How we come together is up to you, and it is our hope that you help us to become something great! 
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Gravity is here!

ears, May 27, 12 4:31 PM.
Welcome to the homepage of Gravity! This website will be updated constantly to keep members connected to each other and to Tera. Please have a look around, and pay special attention to the "recruitment" and "regulations" sections if you are interested in joining.
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